Research project: the impact of the benefits system on survivors

Would you like take part in research about how the benefits system affects women survivors of sexual violence?

Beth Speak is conducting this research to look at how survivors are treated and the impact the benefits system has on their lives.

What is the research about?

The research project looks at how problems with ESA, JSA, Universal Credit and PIP (or DLA) have affected women survivors of sexual violence.

The purpose of the project is to highlight their experiences, and show the need for policies which are fairer for people claiming benefits.

Who can take part?

Self-identifying women who have experience of the benefits system since 2012 and are survivors sexual violence (rape and sexual abuse) are invited to take part.

You must be over 18-years-old and be living in the UK.

Who is doing the research?

Beth Speake is a PhD student based in the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.

What will happen if I take part?

Participants will have between 1 and 3 interviews to talk about their experiences of claiming benefits. Participants and Beth will be the only people in the interviews, and everything said will be strictly confidential.

The interviews will be more like conversations than formal interviews.

What are the benefits of the research?

Participants will be able to talk about their experiences and opinions of claiming benefits and how this might have affected them.

It is hoped that the project will show the need to change benefits policy so that it is fairer.

Participants will also receive a £15 high-street voucher as a thank you for their time and contribution when the interviews have finished.

Want to know more?

If you want to ask questions about the research or would like to take part, you can text or call Beth on 07525130431.

You can also email:

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