Meet our Volunteers!

We’re pleased to announce that our little team has grown in recent months and we’re excited to introduce you all to our new volunteers!


Saliha has studied Psychology and Law and is currently completing a masters in Social Work at the University of Kent. She is blind and a survivor of honour-based abuse.

“I decided to become a volunteer for DSU to give a voice for disabled women, and to be an advocate for equal rights. I am particularly passionate about speaking out against the oppression of disabled women and gender-based violence. Furthermore, I would like to empower all disabled individuals, from all walks of life, to achieve their potential.”


Jack is an autistic activist who works within the charity sector and supports work that helps to empower young and disabled people alike. He lives in Weymouth, Dorset.

“I am delighted to be joining DSU at this time where it is continuing to grow in profile and activism, with a whole network of supportive volunteers to help ensure disabled people’s voices are heard and given hope at times of deep adversity.”


Keshia Jade is an autistic adult currently studying for her BA in Theology with Philosophy at the University of London. She blogs on issues surround mental health, faith, and education.

“Volunteering with the DSU offers me the chance to use my voice, and experiences, to advocate for those who have been forced to suffer in silence. I feel blessed to be a part of an organisation that is focused ensuring that disabled people are heard.”


Zahra is a Journalism student at the University of Leeds. She has a particular interest in media representations of disabled people and domestic violence issues.

“I’m very excited to start volunteering with DSU. It’s great to be getting involved with the only organisation I know of to focus on helping disabled survivors of domestic abuse.”


Jamie has an MA in Social Policy and Ba hons in Politics and Social Policy. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton.

“Working with DSU is really meaningful for me, I want to campaign with and for survivors to improve access to support and educate people.”


Benjamin is a Philosophy graduate living in Leeds. He has an interest in disability issues and mental health.

“I’m particularly interested in issues surrounding mental health and the various accessibility barriers associated with them. I’m excited to volunteer with DSU to help tackle these issues.”


Jemma works in education and is a keen volunteer. She aspires to be a community arts practitioner.

“Much of my volunteering to date has been geared towards creating opportunities and supporting change on a local level. Through working with DSU I have the chance to work on projects that are both potentially larger in scale and longer term. More than this, volunteering for DSU will enable me to make an active contribution to a cause which is important to me.”


Rachel is a Social Policy student, Care Worker, and Volunteer in Canterbury, Kent. She is interested in social welfare policies, the care sector, and activism related to sexuality and queer issues.

“I am excited to be working with Disabled Survivors Unite to raise awareness and advocate for better support for survivors of abuse, particularly with an organisation founded by those with personal experience of the issue.”


Natasha has an MEd in Educational Psychology. She is currently an NHS clinical reviewer and autism specialist support worker.

“I am thrilled to be part of Disabled Survivors Unite to help support other disabled survivors and make sure their voices are heard and represented.”

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