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Co-Founder Holly Scott-Gardner was featured on today’s episode of Going Back Giving Back. Here she writes about her experiences with the show and what it means for DSU.

I’m sat at a table talking about my life. It’s not an experience I’m especially used to. I can stand in front of an audience and speak about blindness and the importance of independence, but somehow this feels different. I admit that I was bullied, I know it’s not really an admission; not something I need to hide, but it has always felt like a secret I should keep hidden deep inside of me. This isn’t just a conversation between two people. I am being filmed for a television show that thousands will see. I am giving my life story to the world because I have a message that I want everyone to hear. Disabled Survivors Unite is here, and we want you to know about us. Filming for Going Back Giving Back was an incredible experience. I can’t thank Michael enough for the support he has shown Disabled Survivors Unite and I look forward to us working with him in the future. The support he is providing us really is essential and will enable us to expand our existing work. If you would like to watch the episode, you can find it on BBC iPlayer.

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Holly Scott-Gardner

Holly is a student, blogger and disability advocate. She is interested in improving the experiences of disabled students, changing how disabled people are represented in media and pursuing her interest in languages as far as she can. Holly lives in Coventry, west midlands.

3 thoughts on “Disabled Survivors Unite on Going Back Giving Back”

  1. Hi_ Many congratulations to you holly and your team as after just watching going back giving back’ a disabled person myself having recently endured my own personal domestic violence against me’
    I feel compelled to have to congratulate your determination and efforts in support for all you do here on in.
    Michael the gentleman whom helped you during this start up process is my new hero 🙂 God bless him.
    You and your organisation I am sure will succeed in all you do and truly deserve to ‘as many people who are disabled often feel unheard so may you move onwards and upwards and may it be known that the WORLD needs MORE people like you to stand up for the rights of us whom don’t have knowledge as what to do be it for support and direction
    to be
    be noticed to be recognised.
    Most grateful

  2. Holly, you and DSU deserve every support to achieve your goals and to influence awareness and understanding of the issues you are addressing. Michael could not have chosen a better person and cause to support and mentor. Wonderful episode of GBGB!
    Every good wish and blessing for the future!

  3. I recorded this episode as I only managed to see the first 15 minutes before work this morning. I’m so pleased I have just seen the rest. What an inspirational lady Holly is and I’m sure her parents and family are ever so proud. I really hope with Michael’s generosity and help you achieve your dreams.

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